Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Patima housing and Canon G9 in the Red Sea

On our recent trip to the Red Sea, one of our friends, Carlos Parraga, had an interesting new housing along with him in addition to his Seacam for his Nikon D2X. He had the Patima housing for his Canon G9. As the G9 is my walk-around compact camera as well, I was very interested to see the Patima solution. Very elegant indeed!

This Korean housing is machined from a solid block of aluminum and has a very clever series of ports for macro and wide-angle. Aside from the lovely ergonomics, my favorite aspect of the housing is the Nikonos V bulkhead, allowing traditional underwater strobes to be used without the necessity of fiber optic. That makes a lot more strobes easily adaptable to this system, for sure.

I traded e-mails with Ryan Cannon at Reef Photo today and he said this was one of their biggest sellers at the moment, so I guess the word is out. can tell you more about it, but I have to say after having used it myself, the combination of the image quality and ease of navigation of the G9 is perfectly suited to a sophisticated housing of this nature.

Maybe if that's what I'd been shooting all week I wouldn't have had to pay $600 in overweight charges leaving Marsa Alam :(

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