Thursday, August 14, 2008

More on UW TTL with digital cameras

I'm teaching another photo course this week, and enjoying seeing so many different shooters with so many different systems participating.

As is our norm, we do an exposure test on the first day, to make sure distance estimation, strobe aiming, and camera/strobe performance is as expected. After years of seeing marginal (and worse) TTL performance from digital cameras and housings, I was very impressed to see the consistency of exposure rendered by several different housings, all outfitted with Ikelite DS125 strobes.

Here are some samples:

The top series is one I shot on full manual, showing the difference one stop makes, absent TTL correction.

The second is by Jim Gombold with a Nikon D50, Ikelite housing.

Below that by Lester Knudsen with a Nikon D80, Subal housing with TTL circuitry, Ikelite digital TTL cord.

At the bottom are images are by Jay Srenger using a new Olympus Evolt 330, Ikelite housing.

When TTL works, as it does here, the light on the exposure slate will be close to the same in each of the exposure brackets, as that is contributed by the regulated strobe light. The background light density will change according to the various apertures and the ambient light on the scene.

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