Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tokina 35mm macro lens

We are tested the Tokina 35mm on a D2X in the photo course I taught in June in Key Largo. 35mm focal length on a 1.5 crop restores the angle of view of the 60mm we used to have on film (or any full-frame), and is far better for medium sized reef fish and schooling fish than the 60mm Micro-Nikkor.

The shot with the goatfish is with a small dome from 3 feet away. (dome ports restore the topside angle of view of a lens, so advantage of wider 35mm + lack of refraction from flat port). The squirrelfish was shot with a flat port and a Seacam wet diopter.

Special (short) flat port is used to place front lens glass close to the port glass when racked out one-to-one. Normal port (as you'd use for 60mm) will have too much air between front of lens and back of glass. Seems to me a very powerful tool for a modest price for those who are shooting 1.5 crop cameras like the Nikon D300.

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