Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Digital Master Class with Stephen Frink

Digital Master Class June 9-16, 2012 Now Open for Enrollment

Our photo course in Key Largo in June is one of the highlights of my year. I choose early June because it is the very best time of year to dive Key Largo. The seas are typically warm and calm, and the water clarity likely to be as good as it gets here ... 60-80 feet, sometimes better. We charter a private boat with Ocean Divers and choose the best sites for whatever optic we have in play at the moment. This year the dates are June 9-16, complete details at http://waterhousetours.com/instruction#6.

In addition to putting the very best Key Largo dive opportunities on our side, including the most abundant marine life anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, we have a stellar instruction staff. We are privileged to have Photoshop Hall of Fame and Canon Explorer of Light Eddie Tapp to weigh in on all things Photoshop, and Frazier Nivens to teach a module in underwater video with digital SLR cameras; both joining me in instruction. Class limited to 14 pax.

To gain better insight into the structure of this week, please see http://alertdiver.com/Immerse_Yourself_in_...raphy_Education, by one of last summer's seminar participants, Tim Grollimund.

For reservations or further information, please contact Barbara@stephenfrink.com or phone 800-445-3737.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cars as Art at Ocean Reef

Here are some visual vignettes of some of the gorgeous and significant automobiles shown at Ocean Reef's Vintage Weekend 2011.