Sunday, July 6, 2008

Remote monitor used UW for first time

While I had done some polecam work with my Seacam e-monitor, yesterday was the first time I tried it underwater.

Used this set-up to let the schooling fish acclimate to the housing, and get properly polarized in front of dome & even got myself in the photo, as the cable can be up to 50 meters in length and still trigger the camera. Probably very interesting applications for research and deep water remote applications as camera & monitor can go to to 80 meters. Have to play with it some more, but clearly this tool is far more versatile than a viewfinder for a polecam shooting great white sharks ... which is why I bought it to begin with.

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randapex said...

Hi Stephen.
That's the first I've seen of your remote viewfinder. Its very intriguing to me. I wonder if you can (or could at some point in the future) set it up with a motion detector and/or a timer to take shots at a pre-set interval. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for posting this.