Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shark Shootout 2011

I've just returned from leading the Shark Shootout 2011 at Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas. After a several year hiatus, interrupted for no good reason other than other projects getting in the way, it was really fun to be back off the southwest end of New Providence Island with close friends Stuart and Michelle Cove.

It was interesting to note how much more evolved the shark interaction opportunities are now. We worked on the 200-foot shipwreck Ray of Hope, but created feeding stations at both bow and stern of the vessel so we could spread out the group and offer better access to the action and the definitive "bite" shot. We had sharks on reefs, from inside and outside of a shark cage, and along the reef and shipwreck in the more distant and wilderness setting of Shark Wall. The fewest number of sharks we ever had was maybe 8 out at shark wall, but in the heart of it all (Ray of Hope/Bahama Mama/Shark Cage) there must have been 4 dozen sharks spread out between two or three separate shark wranglers.

Until someone is truly immersed in Shark Shootout they'll never understand how different (and clearly better) the shark interaction provided here is as compared to a traditional group shark encounter. For photographers it is all about proximity to shark action, and that's what Shark Shootout provides better than any other event.