Monday, January 9, 2012

Kittiwake's 9-year Retrospective

I just returned from shooting a couple of days on Grand Cayman, in celebration of the one year anniversary of the Kittiwake being sunk as an artificial reef off Seven Mile Beach. Here's what she looks like today, a vignette of what she's become after a year in the sea.

But, getting any artificial reef to this point involves a long and arduous process that involves considerable money, commitment, and almost superhuman persistence. Here is a visual chronology of the Kittiwake, from her time being cleaned of contaminants in a Virginia shipyard, to final preparations and sinking at the predetermined wreck site on Grand Cayman, and finally some images of her now one year later.

In the Yard:

On Grand Cayman on day of sinking, January 5, 2011:

Celebrating her first year as a dive attraction that hosted 20,000 divers, well exceeding projections for success: