Sunday, May 10, 2009

On further inspection

The last time I was in Socorro was 2005, and that was to take a rebreather course on Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers. Mike Folwer of Silent Diving was there and I got a nice series of him on his rebreather in a close encounter with a manta. One of the shot is in exclusive distribution with one of my stock agents, and can't go on a web site without fairly significant fees being assessed. That's not what he (or I) had in mind.

So, when Mike asked for a shot for his web site, I knew this one was not available. Which in turn forced me to go back to an archive I hadn't looked at for at least a year. Good thing too, because I found a couple of shots I like, that were invisible to me after I picked the one "favorite" from the series.

Nice to see alternates from that trip once again, and to view a shoot from a new perspective now and then.

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