Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kiteboarding, My first attempts (at shooting, not doing)

One of my daughter's friends, Tom Fields, is a champion kiteboarder. When I learned what he does, and how well he does it, I suggested we meet one afternoon so I could try some kiteboarding photos.

We rendezvoused at Anne's Beach, on the oceanside off Islamorada. I went out to a shallow sandbar just offshore and stood in waist-deep water as Tom and his sister Jamie ran kideboard passes in my proximity.

I had three cameras working that day. My Canon 1DsMKIII in a Secam housing with swivel-45 viewfinder for ultra-high-res water level and over/under shots, a 1DMKIII for 10 frames per second motordrive capability, and a Canon 5DII for its color rendition and HD movie capability. Lenses ranged from 14mmII in housing, to 16-35II, 24-70, and 70-200 on the topside cameras.

While I'd never shot kiteboarding before, it was quite interesting, and challenging. Next time we'll run the passes to the over/unders a little closer, or maybe go to my 16-35 lens so I can zoom to the action. Also, I'd like to try some slow shutter speed pans next time. Maybe even try it offshore wo we can get in some blue water. But, all in all, fun stuff to shoot and DEFINITELY inspires respect in the skill and athleticism of those who do it well, like Jamie and Tom Fields.

Oh yeah, as for the video. As always it seems I was too busy with the stills to shoot much 5DII video, but here's one clip that worked for me, although Tom didn't like the landing. Needed more wind for that particular stunt.

Not that I shoot much video with my 5DII, it is very cool that it can be done when the subject suggests motion.


respect protect sharks said...

Wow. Excellent first attempt! I have been waiting for two weeks to shoot with Mike and Shana at The Otherside Boardsports. Oddly enough - there has not been a lot of wind - until these last few days of course! Next time try getting on one of these wild wind machines! LOL!

Stephen Frink said...

Get on one of those machines? Like, actually ride a kiteboard? Give me a white shark any day. Those things would cripple me. In fact, I almost got crippled on that shoot, by a rookie whose kite slammed the water only a few feet away from me.

No, I think I'll stick to the camera side ;)

Ocean Realm said...

Kite board photography can be very dangerous! I was at Ann's beach late yesterday - just in time to see the winds die down. So I am off again to see who is out for another attempt at images. Liked your over under. Should keep trying for a pics like that - not many people shooting that. Is that your daughter flying in the air!

Stephen Frink said...

Richard -Thanks for comments. No not my daughter on the kiteboard. Her aerial activities are from the back of her warmblood horse, riding in hunter & jump competitions.

Chris said...

Al i have to say is kiteboarding rocks, I just can't imagine life with it!

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