Thursday, October 23, 2008

Working Hard at DEMA .... sometimes

I'm at the DEMA (Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association) show in Las Vegas this week, and then off to Indonesia from here, Ambon to Raja Ampat on the Seven Seas. Anyway, we are exhibiting the Seacam line as I am North and South American distributor for this line of digital SLR housings made in Austria.

The manufacturer, Harald Hordosch showed us some pretty significant surprises on the housing for the Nikon D3. There is a new port to accommodate the 14-24 Nikkor zoom lens and the latching system is brand new, and will replace conventional latches and registration pins for all housings moving forward. Shutter release on the housing is new now too, and is another change for all housings of the future. Hard to describe to improvements, but I'll take pictures and post again by tomorrow. Other new things included a special handle part of the polecam that integrates a means to hook up cyberglasses independent of the remote monitor, Seaflash 150 strobe for both Nikon and Canon TTL (along with a diffuser for same)

Chuckie Luzier from Canon was there at our booth showing a lot of Canon product, but the one everyone migrated to was the 5DMKII. Some video guy covering the show and schlepping a rolling cart-full of video gear picked up the camera and walked around the booth doing video kind of stuff ... he was blown away. I'm not a video person (not yet anyway, but with the convergence of stills and video in the new cameras I expect to learn) but Chuckie made the logical statement that the guy's imager was 3/4", while the 5DMII imager is 1.5 inches. That seemed to particularly resonate and he was obviously quite impressed with the output.

Seacam will obviously do a 5DMKII housing, and we expect it 1st quarter 2009.

But, not all DEMA is work of course, and here I am with my friends from Scuba Diving Magazine, obviously having a very important business meeting ;)

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