Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stephen Frink Photo Seminars for 2009

Just a brief note to let you know we have finalized the dates for our photo seminars for 2009, please see

As updates:

Digital Master Class in Bonaire January 31 - February 7th is sold out.  That one should be a lot of fun!  We have two boats chartered with Captain Don's Habitat, and it is a great time of year to be in Bonaire.

Digital Master Class June 6 - 13 in Key Largo is also sold out.  Our Key Largo Advanced classes are typically in very high demand. Knowledgeable divers recognize early summer is the very best time of year to dive Key Largo; and the combination of our private dive boat, a custom itinerary designed to find the very best photo opportunities for whatever photographic discipline we are working on at the time, and the course template that brings one of the nation's premier Photoshop/Lightroom educators here to join us remain primary motivators ensuring significant repeat enrollment.

Digital Master Class May 30 - June 6 in Key Largo is accepting reservations.  We did back-to-back seminars last year and it really worked out nicely.  It allows us to refine the very best dive sites based prevailing seasonal conditions.

Digital Immersion Class August 8 - 15 in Key Largo is accepting reservations.  This can't reasonably be called a Basic Class, for it is quite intense in terms of the knowledge it delivers both in terms of underwater photography and workflow-related issues with various imaging software.  But, it is very well-suited for those beginning their "immersion" into the skill-sets that are required to capture quality underwater photographs in the digital paradigm.  

I'm off to DEMA to exhibit the Seacam product line (including the new Nikon D3 housing and a very cool accessory that allows the use of Cyber-glasses on a polecam to see exactly what the camera sees underwater, while working from the surface of the boat).  I'll post some product information on the new gear here on my blog while we are there in Las Vegas.  Then, directly from there off to Indonesia for a trip aboard the Seven Seas, from Ambon to Raja Ampat.  I won't be able to post from there, but should have some very interesting new adventures and observations to post when I get home in mid-November.

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