Friday, October 24, 2008

Loving Those New Hgh-Res Files!

As I walk around the floor of the DEMA show I see several of my photos that have been used in displays and ad campaigns. That's a good thing ... I love to be part of some art director's creative vision in promoting a dive destinations or a live-aboard or a bit of dive gear. But, it also reminds me of how easy the whole process has become.

The shot of the dolphin used on the Bay Islands banner was shot as a slide, then a duplicate transparency was sent to the ad agency for review. Once the decision was made they called for the original slide, which was then Fed Exed to the production house, scanned, and printed. All told, the slide was gone for a couple of weeks and two Fed Exes necessary to get the slide to the client and then back home.

By contrast, the shots for Henderson were shot this summer on a Canon 1DSMKIII (21MP) in the Red Sea. I sent some thumbnail JPGs to Joe Polak at Henderson so he could see how this new H2 suits looked in the water. In anticipation of the DEMA show he called for 2 files (by file number), I processed as high res TIF and uploaded via FTP (lots of acronyms in this new workflow). No originals floating around by courier, no chance they would be lost or damaged. Quick and efficient. And truthfully, the quality on these new digital files is SO very much better than my old slides.

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