Sunday, August 15, 2010

Neosport ad

Last summer I had an assignment to shoot a photo for Neosport wetsuits, an image to be used in an upcoming ad campaign. The timing was coincident with one of my Digital Master classes in Key Largo, and since one of the topics for discussion was working with models, I had my friend Cody Wagner and his girlfriend Katie Wieland come out with our class aboard Ocean Diver's Santana for a photo session on the City of Washington shipwreck.

I shot Cody and Kate at a photogenic bit of wreckage, while Gary Yoss (a student in that class) took some photos of me. Actually, I didn't even know Gary was shooting while we worked, so it was a pleasant surprise when Gary came back to this year's Digital Master class and brought the photos he'd taken a year previously.

The Neosport ad will run in the next issue of Alert Diver, and I've just now come back from the Clarksville, TN Quad Graphics plant after a 60-hour press-check on our magazine (I'm the publisher of Alert Diver).

I thought it an odd coincidence that the ad and the Behind the Scenes shot of the ad being photographed would all show up essentially the same week, a year after I clicked the shutter release.

Thanks to Gary Yoss for the UW shot of me at the City of Washington, and to Peter Winkler for the shot of the ad being proofed in the viewing booth on press.

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