Sunday, August 8, 2010

Digital Masters course, Key Largo, August 2010

Last week we hosted a group of dedicated and talented underwater photographers, participating in my Digital Masters course in the Florida Keys.

I only do two of these courses each year, in the summer, in Key Largo, at a time calculated to offer the highest probability of stellar sea conditions. This year we hit it perfectly in both June and August, enjoying slick calm seas most days, and extraordinary marine life encounters. There's a lot of good diving in the world, but I can't think of anywhere else on the planet I'd rather go to teach photography than Key Largo in the summer. It is that good, and that easy for travel.

As always, our friends from Ocean Divers provided the diving services. Photoshop guru Eddie Tapp was on hand to introduce new techniques in Photoshop CS5 particularly well suited to our challenges in underwater imaging.

Here below are some of the images I shot during the week. We have now announced the schedule for next year as well, at