Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Story Behind the Shot - Tiger Eats Video

I was off West End Grand Bahama, at Tiger Beach. For three days we’d had nothing but lemon sharks and were starting to despair, for our objective was to photograph a tiger shark. On the afternoon of our final shoot day this big tiger came in, full of attitude. The lemons were very deferential, but the tiger moved slowly, never with any implied threat. But, then he took great interest in our videographer. Maybe it was something about an electrical impulse given off by the camera, or maybe a noise when the tape was running. At any rate, she took several very close passes at the cameraman, and on this one the tiger shark actually opened its mouth, grabbed the video camera and swam away with it.

The shark didn’t eat it, and in fact spat it out a short distance away. But, the tape was running the whole time and gave us some pretty good chuckles back on the boat reviewing that particular footage!

To see the whole episode on YouTube, visit:


Matt McGee said...

I'm off to tiger beach in 1 week. I want close encounters with these sharks, but I can't afford to have them eat my camera!!

Tracy said...

Hi Steve,

Art and Tracy say "Hi" and watch out for those naughty undersea kitties. We enjoy the blog and as always, the great photos. We're very sorry to hear about the cold weather affecting the reefs in your back yard.

Mark said...

That sure beats our 8 foot Oceanic Whitetip encounters from the Red Sea in 2008.

seamarazul said...

"If you play with fire you can burn" ... in any case
are some beautiful animals and I can vouch for something unpredictable
a co-immersion in the Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

TN Diver said...

Wow - awesome experience! Stuart, Chang and Mark told me about this at Christmas when I was diving with them. Lots of excitement!