Sunday, January 3, 2010

Orange Bowl Swim Classic_2010

January 3 was a very cold day, by Key Largo standards. It was mid-50s but bright sunshine as I photographed another of our annual Orange Bowl swim meets.

Hosted by the Jacobs Aquatic Center, the same pool where I swim for exercise most mornings, the OBSC brought in about a dozen teams, including powerhouse University of Michigan, coached by our friend Mike Bottom.

Andy Newman of Stuart Newman PR was there shooting topside, and both of us were tasked to get some images that Andy would then upload to the Associated Press to get publicity for the event. My personal challenge was to shoot the event differently than I'd done before, without actually interfering with the swimmers as they competed.

Most of the swimming shots done with Canon 1DMKIII, chosen for the 10-frame-per-second motor drive capability. I used my Seacam housing with swivel-45 viewfinder so that I could easily compose the over/unders. Most were shot with Canon 15mm fisheye lens. The motion blurs were with 1DsMKIII for high res.


Andy Newman said...

Great images, as always. Many thanks for your help.

david said...

These are great!