Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shark bit (a little)

I was on a shoot in the Bahamas last week, actually two shoots. One was for a catalog for Aqua Lung, and one was to shoot elements for Photoshop composites for a a series of print ads for Atlantis resorts. Brett Ratner was the Director of Photography for that one. You may know his work as Director for X-Men and the Rush Hour movies.

Anyway, one of the shots required sharks, and so we went where the sharks definitely are ... Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas. We were chumming the sharks to the back of the boat, and the combination of bait in the water and competition for said bait ramped up the action for a while. I had a chainmail sleeve on my left hand, and curiously had a shark bite down on that hand.

I say "curiously" because it is the first time I actually was bitten by a decent sized shark (not counting nurse sharks, of course). What I noticed was:

1. The chainmail doesn't prevent the tooth from penetrating. It keeps the tooth from penetrating DEEP, and lacerating. For that it is ultra effective.
2. Sharks have a fair bit of pressure in their bite.
3. Sharks carry a fair bit of bacteria, for my hand swelled up almost immediately. Nothing a little antibiotic wouldn't cure.

It was pretty much a non-issue in terms of getting hurt, but intellectually interesting in terms of the efficiency of sharks, and how quickly/easily accidents can happen (even if they are kind of wimpy "accidents" to begin with).

I'll post some of the other things we shot on both shoots later in the week.

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