Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Canon 1DMKIV

I ordered my new MKIV yesterday, and am convinced it will work in my SEACAM MKIII housing. The combination of 1DsMKIII for high res (until 1DsMKIV is released) and the 1DMKIV for video, high ISO, rapid motor drive, and cropped sensor advantages with telephoto & some wide angle lenses ... all in the same housing ... is very compelling!

Plus, enhanced AF with MKIV is a significant advantage for shooting action, and I have no doubt that the 14-bit files @ 16MB will be very impressive. I expect this to be my go-to camera for many applications.

See for size comparisons relative to MKIII and MKIV for housing installations.

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m.drev said...

for those of us with a $1500 or less price range, what canon camera would you suggest investing in? interested in getting into underwater photography.