Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New ad for Neosport

Today I received a new ad I shot for Neoport for their triathlete suit. The dolphins were shot on location off White Sand Ridge, West End Grand Bahama; and the swimmer (Cody Wagner) was photographed here in Key Largo in the diving well at Jacobs Aquatic Center. It took the vision and Photoshop wizardry of Neosport art director Billy Boylan to conceptualize and execute the ad. Good on 'ya, Billy!

BTW ... while the winter winds were blowing here in Key Largo, I wore one of the Neosport triathlete suits to keep me warm during my morning swim, and it is indeed a very nice suit. Open shoulders to facilitate strokes like freestyle, and minimal drag & resistance. I look forward to using it for snorkeling with humpbacks in Tonga this summer. The water is cool there, and some thermal protection will be necessary, but as it is all breath-hold dives, a conventional dive wetsuit won't do at all. This is the solution.

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