Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cutter in Key Largo

Cutter, a spotted dolphin was discovered in need of rehabilitation near Key West, and now resides at Marine Mammal Conservancy facility in Key Largo. Cutter is a juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin, Stenella frontalis. He has put on 30-pounds since being transferred to the MMC facility, and next week they are doing the evaluation to see if he can hunt on his own, in which case he'll be returned to the wild, and if not he'll be placed in some kind of dolphin facility where he will be taken care of.

My challenge in getting the photos was horrible water clarity, typical of the bayside of Key Largo. The best I could do was to get close ... always a good notion for UW photography. These are with a Canon 1DsMKIII and 14mm lens, and Canon 5DII with a 15mm lens, both in Seacam housings with Superdome.

Thanks to dolphin caregiver Lisa Coakley for modeling, and of course to Cutter for cooperating so nicely.

Random video clip from my Canon 5DMKII

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