Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Foggy Day in Key Largo

Last Sunday we had a rare meteorological happenstance ... fog that came far enough down our island chain to actually stick around for a couple of hours in the morning. This shot of our dog, Grizz sitting on the edge of our seawall, is from that morning.

Beyond the rarity of this particular light situation, for here anyway, the curious thing for me was how easy this shot was to do, and how nice the digital file was simply pointing-and-shooting with my new Canon 5D Mark II.

I find myself picking up the 5D MKII quite a bit these days, just because it is so light and ergonomic and good. I still have my go-to cameras of course, my 1DsMKIII and 1DMKIII, and when I go on location for an underwater shoot that's what I pack because I need the redundancy of duplicate camera bodies of the exact same dimension so both can fit in the same housing. But, early next week I'll receive my SEACAM housing for my 5DII, and that will be quite interesting to try underwater, not only for the high res still shots, but the the 1080P hi-def video it can shoot as well.

More on all of that next week.

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