Sunday, February 8, 2009

Digital Master Class in Bonaire

I have just returned from teaching my Digital Master Class in Bonaire. Hosted by Captain Don's Habitat, it was a wonderful venue with a brand new conference facility. Of course, the stars of the show in Bonaire are underwater, and we enjoyed very productive photo opportunities. Here are a few of my favorites from the week.

As an aside, this was my first shoot with my own Seacam Seaflash 150 strobe. It was a great fish and macro strobe, offering both E-TTL and rear-curtain synch with my Canon digital SLR, but I also did a lot of experimenting with it as a single strobe for wide angle. This was a pleasant surprise to me, because it offered a very wide beam and significant peak power. Most of what I shot was at 50%, or even 24% manual, but it was a comfort to know that when I cranked it up to full power it could punch out a LOT of light. The beam was very even, demonstrating no hot spots. When using the accessory diffuser I had no trouble covering 180-degrees of a full-frame fisheye as shown in the shipwreck photo here. Most of the shots above were with a single Seaflash 150 as well.

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