Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oceanic White Tips - Cat Island, Bahamas

Last week I enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to photograph oceanic white tip sharks in the stunningly clear waters off Cat Island in the southern Bahamas.

I've known for years the sharks are there, because the fishermen have long complained how difficult it is to get a fish to the boat without the sharks eating it first. In fact, one angler I talked to said that anywhere else he fishes for sailfish with a heavy line, but at Cat he chooses a much lighter fishing line and lets the sharks force the billfish to the surface, where he can quickly reel it in. It gives him a better chance to avoid the shark taking his fish, and also makes certain the sailfish is less fatigued when released, and therefore has a chance to avoid the shark at that point in the process of catch-and-release.

So, the stars aligned on collective schedules with long-time buddy Stuart Cove already on-island helping a non-profit do some shark tagging, while another friend, Marko Dimitrijevic, and I rendezvoused with Stuart for a quick 3 day shoot.

Here are some shots Marko got during the week, the photographer being pictured being me.

And, here are some of my shots from the week.

Great fun!