Saturday, February 5, 2011

Man-O-War Invade South Florida

I'd been hearing stories about local dive boats in Key Largo that couldn't even get their divers in the water for all the Man O War jellyfish that were being blown in from the Gulfstream these past few days. In fact, local newspapers report the same thing, a 200 mile stretch of ocean from north of Palm Beach to the Florida Keys, so the population of them there at the moment is beyond comprehension.

It was a very bumpy 3-foot chop the day we went out to shoot the Man O War, and there were too many of them to consider doing it from in the water. So, I shot from the surface with a 1DsMKIII and 70-200 zoom, and then used my Seacam polecam with a Canon MKIV and 15mm fisheye (with Superdome) for the underwater shots.

Actually, it was a very difficult shoot. Slam-dunk in clam seas, but very challenging in the wind and the crop. But, I guess without the wind (and therefore chop) the jellyfish wouldn't be here.

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