Sunday, January 23, 2011

Manatees at Three Sisters

I just spent a couple of days in Crystal River, Florida photographing manatees. Most of the photo opportunities were at Three Sisters Spring as the water clarity in other areas where the manatees congregate was marginal (or less). Yet, even though the water from the springs was clear inside Three Sisters, there were a LOT of manatees in residence, and it doesn't take much swimming by either manatees or snorkelers to degrade the visibility quickly. Obviously with creatures this large, and challenging water clarity, wide angle lenses were called for.

Paul Nicklen joined me for this adventure. He was scheduled to be in Tampa doing a lecture series for National Geographic and was able to take a few days for a combination recreational shoot/scouting mission. This was our first opportunity shooting together; and fun to share tips, passions, and war stories (although his war stories were better than mine).

Thanks to KC and Mary Beth for their outstanding hospitality and local knowledge!

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