Monday, July 12, 2010

Alexa Shoots Africa

I just got home from a terrific photo tour in Zambia and Africa. My wife, Barbara, organized the trip for a group of friends based at three lovely lodges: Lion Camp, Selinda Camp, and Jao Camp.

Our 17-year old daughter Alexa did really well with her photography on this trip, shooting both a Canon G11 and a Canon 1DsMKIII with 100-400mm zoom lens. The images in the portfolio above are all hers.

She even managed to get a shot of her Dad at work.

Special thanks to our African travel specialists, Explore,


Diana Roemer said...

Love the work Steve... thanks for posting it~!

Kristina said...

Interesting to review both you and your daughters photos. Same chance to capture and what interestingly different images. Must be so rewarding to see your daughter develop her photographic eye and to take her on such exotic tours! Thanks for sharing.