Monday, June 29, 2009

Great White Sharks in South Australia

I spent last week in South Australia, photographing great white sharks with Andrew Fox and crew from Rodney Fox Shark Adventures. We had as many as 9 sharks in a single day, and more importantly, "players" (sharks that come close enough to the dome for effective photography) every day!

The ultra-close bite shots came from my SEACAM polecam system, all the better to keep my fingers intact. The rest were done from a cage at the surface, or their unique subsurface cage which put us on the seafloor in 50 - 80 feet of water watching the sharks in their native habitat.

The reason the sharks come to North Neptune Island is for the colony of New Zealand fur seals who live and birth their pups here. The fact that it is so good for shark photography is a happy coincidence.

Special thanks to Andrew and crew for providing the stellar photo ops! The pictures of me at work were either by Ana Maria Avila (polecam on inflatable) or Ian Lauder (underwater shots of me with housing).

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