Sunday, March 1, 2009

My First Canon 5DII video

While I've been shooting with my new Canon 5DII camera since I got it just before Christmas, I have to admit I hadn't gotten around to trying the video capability. Of course, I knew it could capture 1080P high definition video, as that is the big differentiator between this camera and any others on the market. Well, that and the fact that it captures 21 megapixel still images at a very righteous price point.

But, in that I've never been all that immersed in video techniques I had to wait for some down time to begin experimenting. That happened yesterday in a very simple scenario, a couple of dogs playing in the water.

The yellow lab is mine, the black lab belongs to Sylvie, one of our friends from work.

Viewing the video I had a few thoughts:

1. Just because you can shoot video with a particular tool doesn't mean the video should be shot shot. Clearly, my production values can stand improvement. But, I got the models at the right price.

2. A tripod is a very good thing for a topside video. This time the camera was propped up in my lap.

3. I was surprised how easy the video aspect of the camera is to use, and actually how good the in-camera microphone is. I did not expect such good audio.

4. There is no point in shooting high quality high-def video and trying to host it on my blog. I see that now. Clearly, I need to host it somewhere with greater band-width, and my buddies who take video seriously seem to like these days. Here it is on Vimeo: When you see the original footage, it is quite impressive, particularly when considering it comes from a camera that is primarily tasked to taking still images.

5. Hopefully, next week I can try it in the water as well, as my housing has just arrived.

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